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Client Testimonials
Tracy Bowie

From our first introduction to Melissa Barnes and Tracy Bowie, through to the close of our escrow, they never stopped holding our hands. Their steadfast willingness and desire to meet "our" needs while keeping us in "our" comfort zone, was the perfect formula for our family during the process from search to actually buying the right home. My taste in a home varied from my wife's. I don't think that's uncommon. Tracy and Melissa were tasked to find middle ground for my wife and I. They listened. They did their homework and they found compromise. They successfully executed the complicated tasks behind the scenes, so when time to present to me and my family; all things were simple. These gals get it. Share what your needs are, and let them loose and do their thing! Peace and comfort is certainly around the corner for anyone who hires their talent. Thank you Melissa and Tracy for a wonderful experience.
"We met Tracy about 8 years ago when she knocked on our door regarding a neighboring property that we owned. She truly had a buyer (not one of those "I have someone looking for a property in your neighborhood..." solicitations we all receive from time to time) and we were not even selling - but we did. The transaction was complete in less than 30 days. This was the beginning of a wonderful friendship. We have continued to work with Tracy on several other transactions. She knows Everyone! She loves putting people together and it isn't just about "the deal" - Its truly about the relationships."
"Tracy listened to my concerns and we talked through and came up with the best strategy She was great on followup and the property sold in three weeks!"
"Tracy has helped me on a number of real estate decisions which has made my decision process both easy and lucrative! She has great vision which is a talent and trait that I have never found in other realtors. Tracy has an uncanny ability to see beyond what is in front of her and beam forward to what can be. She is incredibly strong on the financial end to ensure that her client is getting what they expect and that the product meets their expectations. Tracy works really hard to be sure that what she delivers exceeds her clients expectations. She made me feel that I was her most important client even though I know she had a lot of other work in her portfolio. Once you work with Tracy you'll not ever want to work with anyone else."
"Tracy is extremely knowledgable about the industry. She has incredible vision and is able to see the beauty in a property as it is, as well as the beauty in what it can become. As a first time home buyer I did not know much about the process and Tracy was very patient in walking me through several properties, she taught me what to look for, and even walked me through the paperwork process."
"Tracy made selling our home effortless! She is a true professional and masterful in her trade. She went above and beyond to ensure our home was ready to put on the market and followed through on every fine detail! I would highly recommend Tracy to any one selling our buying a new home!"
"Tracy has been my real estate agent for 6 years and in that time her ability to understand my needs has been exceptional. She has found great properties for me as well as excellent tenants. Tracy's responsiveness is something that I value greatly and why I continue to seek out her advice in matters of real estate."
"I have been in several transactions with Tracy Bowie who has helped me in the most professional & guiding way! Her knowledge of home purchases, sales & construction detail are incredible and she does and says what is best for the client! Highly recommend Tracy!"
"We hired Tracy to sell our second home outside of her area of Orange County. She immediately became actively involved in finding out every thing about the area as it related to home sales. She worked diligently until she landed on the right number to price our home at. On top of that she offered her expert advice on how to prepare the home for the broker preview (staging, curb appeal and all).. It all paid off, as she wrote up an offer on the first day of our listing. She was a master of negotiations. The home closed smoothly in less than a month. Both seller and buyer were elated. Since that experience I have used Tracy exclusively and now recommend her to all that need a top notch Real Estate agent that is on top of her game."
"Tracy over-delivers every time. She has a natural eye for things that is rooted in her wealth of experience and extensive knowledge. Tracy is an out of the box thinker and will go above and beyond to ensure that you and everyone involved is pleased! Not to mention Tracy has a great enthusiasm and is a joy to work with."
"In a very tight buyers market Tracy was not afraid to beat the bushes and pound the pavement to find us the PERFECT home. She spent countless hours in doing so. She listened to our needs and would think out of the box. When we finally found THE house she made the process seamless and we closed ON TIME in 30 days! She even found us a great mortgage broker that could get the deal done as well. I highly recommend Tracy for all your real estate needs."
"Tracy truly cared about us, and made sure we had the best possible experience selling our home . Her suggestions were perfect, and very helpful. She appreciated our home, and was able to communicate what was special about it to buyers. She was always there for us , and we had complete confidence in her. We enthusiastically recommend her!"
Tracy has helped me on a number of real estate transactions. She has great vision, a talent and trait that I have never found in other realtors. Tracy has an uncanny ability to see beyond what is in front of her and beam ahead to what can be. With Tracy, the process is easy and has proven quite lucrative over the years. Tracy works really hard to be sure that what she delivers exceeds her clients expectations. She made me feel that I was her most important client, even though I know she had a lot of other work in her portfolio. Once you work with Tracy, you will not ever want to work with anyone else.
Consider no one else. You have found the BEST, I rarely refer professionals, but I put forth recommending Tracy Bowie to anyone in need of Real Estate expertise. Working with her will be your good fortune. Her in-depth knowledge and creativity regarding finding the perfect home or selling is an opportunity to work with an agent who is second to none. Her proficiency and savvy of coastal real estate is unsurpassed.
After just having moved from Australia to Newport Beach buying a property seemed like a daunting task. Thankfully Melissa and Tracy were the perfect duo to step in and work with me. They were responsive to every question and concern I had, explained in detail what I didn’t understand and acted with complete professionalism. They kept their focus, attention to detail and my needs at the forefront which gave me great peace of mind. Apart from their incredibly vast experience and knowledge, they both have such lovely personalities that have rendered long lasting friendship. There was never one moment of doubt that what ever was needed to be done they could and would make it happen. This power team is extremely patient, hard working and diligent. Nothing is too much for them and I loved having the opportunity to work with them both.